Swim Week ended with a hospital visit

I'm usually never happy to leave Miami. But this time I’m excited to come back to Norway. I do feel like I am missing out on a lot of things by leaving Norway in July month. I do miss everyone back home now, so I’m super excited to go back. In my opinion, it is disgusting warm and humid in Florida now. I don’t understand people who plan their vacation here in July. If it wasn't for work I wound never decide to spend time here now. With that being said I had a great experience with Swim Week. And leaving filled with impressions and positive thoughts.

I got some bad luck with my health the last few days. Because of struggling with a virus for a while I have been drinking a ton of water during the intake of antibiotics because the doctor told me to drink a lot of fluids. I honestly never heard of water poisoning before. The whole experience was pretty scary and dramatic, even tho if it just seems a bit odd to get poisoned from water.

I felt like I was gonna blackout, my entire body was shaking and could bearly stand on my own feet when the ambulance picked me up. I was really scared, especially since I was all alone. When I got to the hospital I got good taken care of. They figured out that I had water intoxication. This occurs when the amount of salt and other electrolytes in your body become too diluted. Hyponatremia is a condition in which sodium (salt) levels become dangerously low. My electrolytes dropped too low too quickly. This can cause brain damage and in the worst case death.

Thank god I took action and asked for help. I honestly felt ashamed to reach out at first, but extremely glad I did. Remember, no one knows your body better then you do. When you feel something is not how it should be, never be ashamed to ask for help before its too late.

For anyone visiting the USA, my best advice to you; Always make sure you have your health insurance on track. If something happens to you during your stay, and you don’t have one you could end up spending your entire bank account on medicines and doctor visits. Unfortunately It is not the same kind of health care system as we have in Norway.

I'm feeling much better now and am excited to go back home. Hope you have a good start of your week.

Stay hydrated guys, but everything in modiration ;-) Lesson learned!

Best, Eline S

Wearing - Green dress - urban outfitters

Pink tights - Nike - White sports top - Nike - Sneakers - Adidas

Orlando- TV-commerical and Touristing

De siste par dagene har vært travle her i Florida, men jeg bestemte meg for å gjøre en tur ut av jobbreisen og booket inn en natt ekstra. Vanligvis er jeg så sliten etter en shoot at jeg pleier å reise rett hjem, men jeg angrer alltid etterpå. 

En god venn av meg bor i Orlando og tilba seg å hente meg på flyplassen for å være turistguide for en dag. Det er faktisk en av de fineste tingene etter så mange år med modelljobbing - jeg har venner over hele verden, og det er jo faktisk veldig kult!

Vi bestemte oss for å utforske byen på sykkel. Først syklet vi inn til Orlando by før vi dro videre til Downtown og ruslet rundt i farmers market. En av de beste tingene jeg vet med USA er at de arrangerer markeder, og i Orlando holdes det hver helg. Markedet hadde alt fra kunst og forskjellige smakstilsatte popcorn, til nylagde acai bowls og juicer. Vi endte opp med å sykle 20 km den dagen, og jeg synes det er veldig deilig å oppleve en by på den måten for det slår aldri feil å være aktiv utendørs. 

Orlando var generelt en ganske kul by og det er kun 4,5 timer med bil eller 1 time med fly fra Miami. Jeg anbefaler derfor å ta turen til Orlando hvis man først er i Miami. Byen har mange pene innsjøer og hyggelige mennesker, men maten var midt på treet og kan ikke måles med Miami etter min mening. 

Selve jobben var superenkel! Jeg var booket for en hele dag, men kunden fikk det de trengte veldig raskt og vi var ferdig allerede kl 14. Vi filmet en TV reklame som skal vises på flere kanaler her i USA, men jeg får egentlig ikke lov til å vise noen BTS (bak kamera bilder), før reklamen er ute. 

Nå er jeg tilbake i Miami og har en ny shoot i morgen. Jeg er sliten etter mye reising og jobb denne uken, og skal nå krype til køys.

Snakkes snart, E! :)  

I decided making a trip out of my job in Orlando and stay for an extra day. 
Often when I go somewhere for work, Im too exhausted to see or do anything after the shoot, but always regret it. 
One of my good friends live out there and offered to pick me up at the AirPort and be my tourist guide for a full day! That is really one of the nice things about so many year of modeling. I really do have friends all over the world, wich is pretty damn cool!

We decided to do the touristing by bike. We biked into the City of Orlando and futher downtown where we parked our bikes and went walking around farmers market to pick up some fresh fruits and iced coffee. There is a huge farmers market downtown Orlando, every weekend. This is really one of my favorite things to do in any new city in the states. They got everything from art to different flavored popcorn, to fresh made açaí bowls and juices. We ended up biking 20km that day, gotta love being active outdoors and explore new places!

Orlando was overall a cool city. Only 4,5 hours by car, and 1h by plane, so probably worth a visit if you are already in Miami. So mang pretty Lakes everywhere and people were super friendly. The food was so/so- typical American. Not even close to Miami level - in my opinion.

My work day, the next day was super easy. Was booked for a full day, but they got what they needed from me behind the lence pretty fast. So I was done already around 2pm. 
We were filming a commercial wich will run on all over Americas national TV channels. 
Im not really allowed to post anything from behind the scenes before its out.

Im back in Miami with a new shoot tomorrow. Pretty tired after traveling and little sleep this week. Excited to get some sleep tonight.
Hope u all had a great week so far. 

Talk soon, E! :)