Goodbye New York

The last few weeks in NYC have been mad hectic with work and things to get done before leaving for summer. Thats why I haven’t really had time to update much here with food recipes, guides etc.

I just got back to Norway and reflecting a bit on my last few years in the states, as my 01 Visa expires soon. And soon starting a new progress of replying for another 01 Visa.

Living and working in a city like NYC, with so many different people from different cultures have deffinately made me grow as a person. One thing I have learned about New Yorkers; they are extreamly open minded, hard working and passionate, no matter what they are doing. Thats probably what New York does to you. With so many hard working people and competition you kind of have to be willing to learn and open your mind to grow.

Spending time in the states has opened my mind in so many ways. Being from a little country like Norway, with a completly different mind set has been challenging at first. Norwegian mentality is much more close minded, cold and sceptical. In Norway we often feel that Americans can be fake and over the top, but in my opinion that’s kind of the great thing about Americans. In NYC no one judges you, you can be who ever you want to be, dress how you wanna dress and look how you wanna look. For me it has been healthy to force myself out of the comfort zone. To see things from a different angel, have made me much more present and thankful for the little things I used to take for granted when I grew up.

Im back in Norway feeling grateful for everyone I have met on my journey. I have made friends all over USA and memories for life.

I wish you all a great week! I’m beyond excited to drive to South Norway and spend some quality time with my loved ones.

X, Eline S.

Some snaps from my last few weeks in the city.

Snake blouse - Zara - Sunnies - Zero UV
Black Cross back top - Revolve - Ear rings - Amber Sceats - Denim skirt - Levis
All white - t shirt - Rag And Bone - Sneakers - Nike - Bag - Helmer - skirt - Zara - sunnies - Oliver Peoples
Workout - all - J. Lindeberg - Sunnies - Oakley

Red & White. - In collaboration with Helmer Bags

Hope everyone had a great week and weekend.
NYC have been rainy and pretty miserable lately, but then it finally lightened up for the 17th of May.

17th of May is a huge celebration day in Norway where Norwegians celebrate the day our country got its own constitution. Kinda sad to be missing out on such a fun day in my home country, but Im pretty used to missing out on it. I was working all day on a lifestyle shoot in the streets of NYC. Thankfully it was sunny, warm and nice out all day.

Been spending all weekend outside in the beautiful weather with friends. Thats one of the greatest things about summer in a big city, everyone become so happy, spontaneous and energetic. Ended the weekend with a slow Sunday morning, met up with a girlfriend for coffee and had a long walk on Hudson River. Now getting excited for the next GOT episode, can’t wait!

Im proud to be collaborating with Helmer bags; an English eco friendly brand.
Follow the instructions on my latest instagram to win your own Helmer bag.
These bags are handmade and comes in all different styles and summer fresh colors.
Winner will be picked next week.
Good Luck!

X, Eline S

Wearing - Helmer bags - sneakers - Nike - Socks - Cubus - T-Shirt - Rag and Bone - Shirt - Zara - Sunnies - Zero UV - Belt - Gucci

Wrapping up another busy week in NY

Wrapping up a busy week here in NYC. This week an old friend of mine had a huge birthday celebration with dinner and a following party at Marquee, one of the biggest night clubs here in NY. So many good friends were there, and people flew in from all over. Jonathan is one of the Marquee owners, and he and his girlfriend always do something big for his birthday.

I was working the following day, so didn’t go crazy. Only a few drinks for dinner and stopped by the club for 15 min before I went home to get some rest. .
The following day I did two shows in one day. Loved working with this beautiful girl @MeganIrminger (in the pictures). So many talented designers and creative people backstage at this show. Lots of fun to work when you love your outfit and on top of it get to work with friends.

Btw, check out my favorite matcha place, Cha cha matcha (if your are in NYC, or planning to visit soon).
-They have the cutest pink design cafe and amazing, tasty matcha. Especially if you combine it with a good chocolate!

Wish you all a great weekend. I will be baby sitting for my girlfriend tomorrow and am actually super excited to spend my entire weekend with them.

X, Eline S

Edition Hotel Times Square Opening and weekend vibes in NYC

Håper alle har kost seg i helgen. 

NYC er som vanlig busy og det skjer mye her om dagen, så selv om jeg har blitt forkjølet, har jeg  ikke hatt tid til å være syk nå! Lørdagen tilbragte jeg med en svensk venninne som er i NYC. Vi trente sammen, skravlet hull i hodet på hverandre og catchet opp om alt og ingenting. 

Ebony er svensk og en av mine aller nærmeste modell kollegaer. Vi er veldig like på mange måter. Hun er en skikkelig stå på jente med bein i nesa. Jeg kjenner få som jobber så hardt og som er så positiv som henne. Jenter som henne inspirerer meg til å bli bedre! 

Lørdagen var vi invitert på åpningen av det nye Edition Hotel, på Times Square. En herlig middag, etterfulgt av ett spektakulært danse show. Hotellet var utrolig lekkert, maten var god og showet var sinnsykt imponerende. - Gåsehud! Det ble en tidlig kveld på oss, ettersom vi begge måtte være opplagte til søndagen. 

Søndag morgen sto jeg tidlig opp, lagde meg en havregrøt og en stor kopp med deilig kaffe. Søndag er egentlig min favoritt dag; ikke gjøre noe som helst. Men når man jobber freelance har man ikke alltid muligheten til å ta fri på søndager. Jeg hadde en fitting/prep for en hår kampanje jeg har booket her i NYC som jeg hadde call time til klokken 12:00. Dette skulle egentlig bare ta 2 timer, men endte opp med å bruke hele søndagen. Heldigvis lot de meg beholde min naturlige hårfarge, takk gud! 

Jeg pleier egentlig å si nei til hårjobber, fordi de ofte ødelegger håret veldig. I og med at jeg er naturlig blond, er jeg alltid redd for at noen skal messe opp fargen min. Resultatet ble en shine shampoo og en blåshampoo, kun for å tone ned gultonene litt i håret. Også en lett trim. Jobben er ikke før om en uke, så det blir spennende. Jeg skrev under på en kontrakt om at de sto fritt til å redigere hårfargen min på selve bildet. -Tenk at de faktisk gjør det! Det er faktisk ofte sånn det er på jobb. Sist gang jeg gjorde en stor hår kampanje, brukte de ikke engang produktet de reklamerte for.. I tillegg hadde jeg håret fullt av extentions.. Så folkens, pictures do lie!

Ønsker dere alle en fin ny uke og god

Eline S


Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

I got a cold, but dont really have time to take it easy. It so much going on right now, so no time for being sick. I spent Saturday with my Swedish girlfriend who is in NYC right now. We worked out together, talked the shit out of each other, and watched up on all and nothing.

Ebony Anderberg is one of my closest friends from the industry. We are the same kind of people in many ways. She is a hard working girl, who knows where she is standing. . I honestly don’t know many people who works as hard as she does. She is always positive. Girls like her inspire me to be better!

On Saturday we were invited to the opening of the new Edition hotel at Times Square. An amazing dinner, followed up with a spectacular show. The hotel was really elegant, the food was delicious and the show was beyond impressing. - Goodbums material.
We had an early night, because w both had work to do on Sunday.

Sunday morning, I got up aroound 10. Made myself an oatmeal and a big cup of fresh coffee. Sundays are ususally my favorite day to do nothing at all. But everyone who works as a freelance knows you dont always have a normal weekend. I had a fitting/prep for a hair campaign I have booked here in NYC. My call time was at 12, and it was suppose to be done in 2 hours. That didn’t happen, I ended up spending my entire day in that hair salon. Thank god they didn’t change my hair colour!

I usually say no to do hair jobs, because it damage the hair so much. Also because i’m natural blonde, im always afraid if it will mess up my natural color. The result was a shine shampoo, and a blue shampoo to cool down the yellow tone in my hair. Also a light trim. The job is not before next week, but im excited.

I just signed a contract saying they are allowed to retouch my hair colour in the acuall picture. -Imagine they do that! Its actually pretty often they do that on a shoot. Last time I did a hair campaign, the client didn’t even use their own product. And on top of that, my own hair was full of extensions.. So folks, pictures do lie!

Have a good start of the week and a happy easter!

- Eline S