Countryside in Oslo

Hope you guys have a good start of the week. I have been spending the weekend and some extra days in the countryside of Oslo. Oslo felt like summer over the weekend, but got cooler again pretty quickly. The best thing about Oslo is probably having all the four seasons plus being so close to the city, as well as the ocean and nature. Both wood and countryside with animals, vegetable gardens, etc. It feels like meditation just being surrounded by animals, flowers and picking your veggies and preparing dinner from it. I am sharing my favorite fall recipe with you next week made from a seasonal veggie.
So many good seasonal veggies to experiment with this time of year.

I can’t believe it´s almost October month. Weeks are flying like crazy, tomorrow is actually my mothers birthday.
As we speak, I'm waiting for the vegan chocolate cake to finish in the oven. I figured out it tastes even better if I make it the day before and leave cold storage in the fridge over the night. The recipe is under #foodbyeline, if you want to try to make it. I wish you all a great rest of the week,

X, Eline S.

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Oslo Fall

Love spending falls in Oslo. The season right now between summer and fall is beautiful, seeing the colors on the trees change every day, it truly is something special about it. Whenever I'm free from work and the sun is out, I'm running out in the woods to clear my head. WOW, I'm amazed by Norway. Extremely thankful for my safe childhood here and being so close to nature. 

Finally, I am starting to feel like my life is getting organized again, my closet starts to look normal. I hate to leave home like a mess, so been spending some time organizing my clothes and selling a bunch of things. My visa papers are almost done too, been taking some time to get all the materials together, now I'm just waiting to get some reference letters signed by different clients I have been working for. I will probably start looking at tickets and packing for my trip back to the states this weekend.

Since my boyfriend just moved there. I will try to have my base there too. Distance relationships are just too hard in the long run. Hopefully I get my visa soon, so I will still be able to do some modeling again and can easily fly to LA, NYC or Miami where I have my agencies. They are only short flights, like 2-3 hours. 
I can’t wait to get back to the US, hang with my bf, and also super excited to explore a new city. I have only been in Minnesota once before for a NBA game, for Timberwolfs a few years ago. Rumors say the climate is really similar to Norway, and that they got beautiful nature.
Feel free to share if you have anything special I should do when I get there. I only know one singel person In the entire city, so that will be interesting.

I hope you all had a great week and that you got some fun or relaxing weekend plans. I can't wait to watch TV, for the first time this week, wearing PJs all weekend and fire the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.

X, Eline S

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