Exploring new superfood spots in Minnesota

It's only my second week in Minnesota, but It feels like I have been here for a month already. I have been doing so many things and met so many people in such a short period. I had honestly thought Minnesota was a small and kind of boring place to live, but it is not! The city feels big, and there are so many things to do.

I have been spending hours after hours in home goods, target, RH and such to organize for the house. I do enjoy it, even tho if it is a lot of work.
People here are so helpful and genuine every time I ask someone for help. I also got a car now, which I was pretty nervous about at first. I have been in the states for 3 years now, but I always avoiding driving. I felt like I had to challenge myself when we moved here. Minnesota is not like NYC with a subway right outside your door. Being able to drive gives me much more freedom.

One of the girls from the Wild team is from Finland. She and her husband live close to us, so we have been spending a lot of time together in the last few days. It's always something special about the Scandinavian culture and how you bond with each other. She shows me all the cute spots, I'm adding some pictures under from our lunch at ¨Crisp and Greens¨ in Minnesota yesterday. 
The place is super cute and with all kind of options, also for the vegans! I did a green bowl yesterday, with chickpeas, carrots, tuna, feta, avocado, spinach and some super tasty ginger dressing. I do recommend this place, super clean and and the service was great too! Also an option to be seated outside, (like we did) when the weather is good.

Hope you all have had a good week and is as excited as I am about the weekend. I am going to a concert today, which Im really looking forward to! Tomorrow it is the Wilds first home game, here in Minnesota. I am super excited to be there and see Mats on the ice again, lets hope for a win!
Minnesota has been warm and nice the last few days, but the rain just started. Rumors told me it will snow this weekend. Gotta get prepared for some cold winter months, even tho I'm pretty used to cold weather. 

Best, Eline S.

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Hello Minnesota <3

Hey you all. :)

Hope you all had a great start of the new week. I am sorry I haven’t been updating in a while.
This first week in Minnesota has been crazy busy. A ton of work with the new house we just moved into as well as getting to know the city, the people and how to get around. It will take some time to settle fully into the house, but step by step. It has also been nice to spend some time with Mats again after almost a month apart.

I realized pretty early, that I have to challenge myself to get to know and meet new people, not to be lonely here. When we lived in NYC everything was a bit different, I had my friends and my stuff going on with modeling and work. Here in Minnesota I am all new and don't know many people. It is a new life for us both. Right now I am also without a working visa, and it will take some time before I get it back. In the meantime, I am gonna start some online nutrition studies, witch, I am super excited about! It will be good to be able to share more knowledge about the nutrition of the food recipes with you guys as well. 

I already feel the warmth from the people in Minnesota. I have to admit it is a massive change from NYC in many ways. So far I like it here. The city is a lot cleaner than NYC and much more nature and less noise, witch was something I always missed back in NYC. Every city got its charm, and Minnesota seems so far to have a lot to offer. I do understand why so many Scandinavians settled down here. The seasons and the climate are similar to Norway. I also got to meet everyone on the team, and everyone has been super welcoming to us both. The last two days I have been organizing a bunch for the house, and some of the girls from the Wild team have been helping me out.

Wish you all a good week, I will try to be better on update more this week. Tonight we have a team dinner, so I am heading out to buy a small gift for the host. Talk soon. <3

Best, Eline S

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Goodbye Norway <3 Ready for new adventures

My last days in Oslo have been pretty hectic. I always feel like I have things under control until I realize I am leaving in less than 24 hours. I completely forgot I had to reply for the Esta, since I had an American visa the last 3 years I didn’t really think about it. I replied for my Esta less than 24 hours ago, and it normally takes 72 hours to get it confirmed. Hopefully I get it in time before my flight, which takes off in an hour. Fingers crossed!

As we speak I'm sitting in the lounge with a huge cup of coffee, waiting to board on my flight to Minnesota!
I only slept for a few hours tonight, as I was packing and trying different outfits to figure out what to wear for tomorrow's, or actually today team dinner (with the time difference). I will probably go straight from the airport to the dinner, so hopefully, I will get some rest on the plane. 

I'm super excited to see Mats again and explore a new city with new people! Always sad to leave Norway, but since I am waiting for my next O1 visa, I have to go back to Norway soon for the interview at the American embassy. I will try to update from Minnesota, but will probably be super busy first few weeks with settling in and getting to know a new city and how everything works over there. ts time to get pushed out of the comfort zone again. Its all so new, and I feel nervous and excited at the same time!

Wish you all a great and lazy Sunday. I hope you sleep long and get some rest before kicking off a new week tomorrow. 

X, Eline S.

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Can I move here?

Falling in love with the Countryside of Norway, after my little exploring in Sørkedalen in Oslo last weekend I had to go back. I used to spend so much time there as a kid with my family, we used to go horseback riding and watch the animals, it all brings back great memories in me.

The old farm ¨Bogstad Gård¨ has this amazing cute cafe inside the house, as well as a museum where you can see how they used to live more than 200 years ago. Perfect for an old soul like me, haha. The big farm is facing a huge garden and a lake. I recommend visiting this beautiful place if you want to see and explore something different in Oslo, perfect for families with kids too.

Tomorrow it is Friday already!
I have been having a hectic week so can’t wait for the weekend to start and spend some time with my friends tomorrow.

X, Eline S

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Countryside in Oslo

Hope you guys have a good start of the week. I have been spending the weekend and some extra days in the countryside of Oslo. Oslo felt like summer over the weekend, but got cooler again pretty quickly. The best thing about Oslo is probably having all the four seasons plus being so close to the city, as well as the ocean and nature. Both wood and countryside with animals, vegetable gardens, etc. It feels like meditation just being surrounded by animals, flowers and picking your veggies and preparing dinner from it. I am sharing my favorite fall recipe with you next week made from a seasonal veggie.
So many good seasonal veggies to experiment with this time of year.

I can’t believe it´s almost October month. Weeks are flying like crazy, tomorrow is actually my mothers birthday.
As we speak, I'm waiting for the vegan chocolate cake to finish in the oven. I figured out it tastes even better if I make it the day before and leave cold storage in the fridge over the night. The recipe is under #foodbyeline, if you want to try to make it. I wish you all a great rest of the week,

X, Eline S.

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My favorite things about fall <3

I love the fall season. In love with the fresh crisp air and the colors changing. I just realized Halloween is coming up in about a month, so yesterday I started looking at costumes. As a child I loved dressing up for Halloween, and its kind of embarrassing, but I still do. 

Here are some of my biggest reasons to love the fall season; 

1. The colors changing and nature is beautiful - go out and explore! 

2. Mushroom picking combined with walks in the woods. 

3. Hot soup and warm blankets <3

4. New Netflix and HBO series out, recommendations much appreciated!

5. Hot chocolate with cream is my favorite thing above all. - will post an amazing paleo recipe soon. 

6. Cozy warm sweaters and boots every day.

7. Halloween coming up in a month, costume planning!

8. Home spa, pamper yourself. - After a long week of work. Treat yourself, fire some candles, put on some meditation music and make a little spa in your bathroom with a homemade facemask. 

Enjoy fall you all and happy Sunday! I'm about to get ready for brunch with my girls in Oslo. 

X, Eline S

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Oslo Fall

Love spending falls in Oslo. The season right now between summer and fall is beautiful, seeing the colors on the trees change every day, it truly is something special about it. Whenever I'm free from work and the sun is out, I'm running out in the woods to clear my head. WOW, I'm amazed by Norway. Extremely thankful for my safe childhood here and being so close to nature. 

Finally, I am starting to feel like my life is getting organized again, my closet starts to look normal. I hate to leave home like a mess, so been spending some time organizing my clothes and selling a bunch of things. My visa papers are almost done too, been taking some time to get all the materials together, now I'm just waiting to get some reference letters signed by different clients I have been working for. I will probably start looking at tickets and packing for my trip back to the states this weekend.

Since my boyfriend just moved there. I will try to have my base there too. Distance relationships are just too hard in the long run. Hopefully I get my visa soon, so I will still be able to do some modeling again and can easily fly to LA, NYC or Miami where I have my agencies. They are only short flights, like 2-3 hours. 
I can’t wait to get back to the US, hang with my bf, and also super excited to explore a new city. I have only been in Minnesota once before for a NBA game, for Timberwolfs a few years ago. Rumors say the climate is really similar to Norway, and that they got beautiful nature.
Feel free to share if you have anything special I should do when I get there. I only know one singel person In the entire city, so that will be interesting.

I hope you all had a great week and that you got some fun or relaxing weekend plans. I can't wait to watch TV, for the first time this week, wearing PJs all weekend and fire the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate.

X, Eline S

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Weekend summed up <3

I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent my weekend catching up with some friends and visited a cute old farm with my mom called Bogstad Gård. That's the beauty of Oslo, It is city life, but you are also close to both the sea and the countryside. On Bogstad gård they have cows, pigs, etc. So a lot of families visit this place over the weekend.

Today (Sunday) I had a small sale at home with some friends. I realized I have way too much stuff that I never get to use. I had a great time organizing my stuff and helping my friends with sizes. I got so much good feedback on what a good thing it is to buy and sell second hand, feel free to go follow me on @tise (Eline Syrdalen) where I will keep updating with new pieces. 

X, Eline Syrdalen

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But what is happiness?

What is happiness? Isn't just ok enough?

The word ¨happiness¨ kinda annoys the shit out of me. In the US they even made a TV commercial for AT&T ending with ¨just ok, is not ok¨. 

Social media, television, and magazines are constantly telling us that our lives should contain nothing but constant happiness. Todays society shows no signs that it is ok to be just ok, and that it's also ok to have a bad day sometimes. Society today makes young people strive after happiness and the perfect life because that's what our brains constantly get fueled with. 

The other day I was talking to an old friend. She told me, ¨Eline, you know you are in some ways responsible for the pressure young people get exposed to today¨? That question bothered me. I have always taken for granted that everyone understands that what I put up and share on social media is a polished picture of my everyday life. My life is not perfect, not even close. I think the truth is that no-one has a perfect life, or a perfect family or a perfect relationship. Everyone fights their own battles in their own lives, most of us don't share them with the world. Most of us only share the sunny days, and it's easy to assume that everyone else's life is better than your own, just because of the pictures we see all over social media.

I think we've all been there, scrolling down our Instagram, thinking that our own life is shit, while it seems like everyone else is constantly happy. Including myself. This is also why I've been taking a break from Instagram, and it feels good to take a break once in a while. I think it's super important to remind ourselves that social media usually doesn't reflect reality - rather, it tends to show a super polished picture of people's lives. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and stop judging people we don't know just trough their Instagram. We need to focus on ourselves and be happy with what we have right in front of us.

Society makes us feel like we need to look a certain way to be happy, or accepted. When we get there, we will be ¨happy¨. I think the truth is that no job, six-pack, or money will make you happier. Happiness starts with you, and you are responsible for your own happiness. As long as we do our best, that is good enough. I remember one model colleague I was working with told me this; ¨when I was on my skinniest and had a six-pack I was on my most miserable¨. Remember this next time you see a model and think that her life is so easy, and she is lucky to look that way. Looking skinny and ripped, doesn't always mean being healthy. And if skinny cause your health its defiantly not worth it. We all have different bodies. Healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes. Do not compare yourselves with anyone, only compare you with you. Being ok is more than good enough, and when happiness comes; embrace it! 

Finding your passion is happiness, drinking a cup of coffee with a good friend is happiness. At least for me, the genuine things and the genuine people in my life are what truly makes me happy. I have found my passion; nature. Nature is where I feel most alive, the most connected. Whenever I go through something difficult, nature is my medicine. 

I think happiness comes in small doses, and we can't expect life to only serve us happiness. That is not realistic. If we always strive after it, I don't think we will ever find it. Being happy in general is a good thing, but we need to accept that life is like a roller coaster. The sun doesn't always shine, it will rain and it will be stormy, but after rain comes to the sun again and that's kind of the beauty of life. 

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I hate goodbyes

The week is coming to an end. I hate saying goodbye to people I love. My boyfriend just left back to the states last week and I am staying in Norway for a little longer to take care of my new visa. Since we have been moving quite a lot lately, it feels like I have clothes laying around all over the place and I can't wait to get everything organized. 

I hate goodbyes, even when I know it's not gonna be for too long, it's always sad to say goodbye.

Today is the last day I see my brother too, he is studying in Milan. So I won't see him until Christmas. 

I decided to make some brownies for dessert for the last goodbye dinner, I experimented for a few days to get it right. I finally got a recipe I am happy with and excited to share with you. 

It contains no sugar, no milk products, and no wheat! As well as full of nutrition. Stay tuned, I will post in in a few days. 

Because of everything going on in the rain forest and with global warming I am trying to challenge myself to eat less meat, and include more veggies. Better for us, and better for the planet. I know its hard to cut the meat, especially if you don't know what else to add to your plate. I recommend following the @radicalbroccoli girls. They are super passionate about this and share a lot of easy tips about this theme. They inspire me a lot daily for more eco-friendly living, They also wrote a book that just got translated to English! 

Hope you all had a good week. 

Best, Eline S.

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Exploring Lyngør Island

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We have been exploring South Norway and Lyngør Island this weekend. Kinda sad that Norwegian summer is coming to an end already. We had a morning dip this morning and the ocean is already getting cooler.

Lyngør Island is one of my favorite islands. The island used to be a stop for the sailors, and the old sail maker house is now a restaurant. They are serving pizzas, and fresh Norwegian sea food! Really recommend to visit this place next summer. Its season based, so the restaurant is only open during the summer months.

For those who are interested in exploring Lyngør in Norway, I already wrote a mini guide under ¨Travel.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Best, Eline S.

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Stripes on stripes

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I can't get enough of Norway this summer. It feels like I appreciate Norway another way after living in a noisy city like NYC, It is a huge difference. 
Some of my Norwegian friends living in NYC visiting Norway gets bored after a few days. They think it is too quiet and boring. I truly enjoy the quietness, waking up to the sound of the waves and not waking up by cars and ambulances feels relaxing. I really feel grateful for all my traveling, but there is no place like home.

My American friends say that I should be an ambassador for Norway, maybe cause I brag a bit too much about how amazing nature is here. Anyway, it seems like my bragging made many people I know curious, this summer a bunch of my friends from Florida visited Norway and went hiking in Lofoten! They had an amazing time. A few of them texted me after that they wanna move here!

Thats probably one of the good things about social media, people get to share amazing nature experiences there. Norway got so many hidden pearls and places people wouldn't know of without that one Instagram account they follow from Norway that makes them wanna go there and explore.

I hope you all have a good week. I am super excited to spend the weekend with my two girlfriends in Kragerø. I really don’t want this summer to end!

Best, Eline Syrdalen

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Denim on denim - Reklame

Reklame/ ad

I love timeless pieces. When packing for summer I always bring simple denim pieces. It feels like denim goes with everything, especially for Norwegian summer where people dress more casual. It's easy to dress a denim dress up or down for whatever you feel like. I love this basic denim dress from Revolve. The dress is tight but super stretchy, so feels comfortable. For a more casual look, I wear it with an oversized vintage denim jacket.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Best, Eline S

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Norwegian summer

Reklame - In collaboration with Revolve

The last few days have been including long walks in the woods picking blueberries, sand volleyball, swimming in the ocean and BBQing. In my opinion, nothing can beat the Norwegian summer when the weather is like this! Hope you all enjoy vacay as much as I do.

Best, Eline S.

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Cabin Lyfe in South Norway


Most people would probably not believe me at first, but I love spending time alone, in nature, getting dirty and sweaty. Preferably not shower in a few days and just swim in the ocean. This makes me feel connected, alive and back to my roots. I appreciate home more then I have ever done before. Maybe gratitude comes with age, or just the fact that being able to miss things you might take for granted, make you more grateful in general. For me spending time in nature is the best way to connect and charge up my batteries.

I am feeling energized after spending some time in South Norway again.
Hope you all have a lovely summer and take some time to do the things you love!

All best, Eline S.

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