Hello Minnesota <3

Hey you all. :)

Hope you all had a great start of the new week. I am sorry I haven’t been updating in a while.
This first week in Minnesota has been crazy busy. A ton of work with the new house we just moved into as well as getting to know the city, the people and how to get around. It will take some time to settle fully into the house, but step by step. It has also been nice to spend some time with Mats again after almost a month apart.

I realized pretty early, that I have to challenge myself to get to know and meet new people, not to be lonely here. When we lived in NYC everything was a bit different, I had my friends and my stuff going on with modeling and work. Here in Minnesota I am all new and don't know many people. It is a new life for us both. Right now I am also without a working visa, and it will take some time before I get it back. In the meantime, I am gonna start some online nutrition studies, witch, I am super excited about! It will be good to be able to share more knowledge about the nutrition of the food recipes with you guys as well. 

I already feel the warmth from the people in Minnesota. I have to admit it is a massive change from NYC in many ways. So far I like it here. The city is a lot cleaner than NYC and much more nature and less noise, witch was something I always missed back in NYC. Every city got its charm, and Minnesota seems so far to have a lot to offer. I do understand why so many Scandinavians settled down here. The seasons and the climate are similar to Norway. I also got to meet everyone on the team, and everyone has been super welcoming to us both. The last two days I have been organizing a bunch for the house, and some of the girls from the Wild team have been helping me out.

Wish you all a good week, I will try to be better on update more this week. Tonight we have a team dinner, so I am heading out to buy a small gift for the host. Talk soon. <3

Best, Eline S

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