Goodbye Norway <3 Ready for new adventures

My last days in Oslo have been pretty hectic. I always feel like I have things under control until I realize I am leaving in less than 24 hours. I completely forgot I had to reply for the Esta, since I had an American visa the last 3 years I didn’t really think about it. I replied for my Esta less than 24 hours ago, and it normally takes 72 hours to get it confirmed. Hopefully I get it in time before my flight, which takes off in an hour. Fingers crossed!

As we speak I'm sitting in the lounge with a huge cup of coffee, waiting to board on my flight to Minnesota!
I only slept for a few hours tonight, as I was packing and trying different outfits to figure out what to wear for tomorrow's, or actually today team dinner (with the time difference). I will probably go straight from the airport to the dinner, so hopefully, I will get some rest on the plane. 

I'm super excited to see Mats again and explore a new city with new people! Always sad to leave Norway, but since I am waiting for my next O1 visa, I have to go back to Norway soon for the interview at the American embassy. I will try to update from Minnesota, but will probably be super busy first few weeks with settling in and getting to know a new city and how everything works over there. ts time to get pushed out of the comfort zone again. Its all so new, and I feel nervous and excited at the same time!

Wish you all a great and lazy Sunday. I hope you sleep long and get some rest before kicking off a new week tomorrow. 

X, Eline S.

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