I hate goodbyes

The week is coming to an end. I hate saying goodbye to people I love. My boyfriend just left back to the states last week and I am staying in Norway for a little longer to take care of my new visa. Since we have been moving quite a lot lately, it feels like I have clothes laying around all over the place and I can't wait to get everything organized. 

I hate goodbyes, even when I know it's not gonna be for too long, it's always sad to say goodbye.

Today is the last day I see my brother too, he is studying in Milan. So I won't see him until Christmas. 

I decided to make some brownies for dessert for the last goodbye dinner, I experimented for a few days to get it right. I finally got a recipe I am happy with and excited to share with you. 

It contains no sugar, no milk products, and no wheat! As well as full of nutrition. Stay tuned, I will post in in a few days. 

Because of everything going on in the rain forest and with global warming I am trying to challenge myself to eat less meat, and include more veggies. Better for us, and better for the planet. I know its hard to cut the meat, especially if you don't know what else to add to your plate. I recommend following the @radicalbroccoli girls. They are super passionate about this and share a lot of easy tips about this theme. They inspire me a lot daily for more eco-friendly living, They also wrote a book that just got translated to English! 

Hope you all had a good week. 

Best, Eline S.

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