Goodbye New York

The last few weeks in NYC have been mad hectic with work and things to get done before leaving for summer. Thats why I haven’t really had time to update much here with food recipes, guides etc.

I just got back to Norway and reflecting a bit on my last few years in the states, as my 01 Visa expires soon. And soon starting a new progress of replying for another 01 Visa.

Living and working in a city like NYC, with so many different people from different cultures have deffinately made me grow as a person. One thing I have learned about New Yorkers; they are extreamly open minded, hard working and passionate, no matter what they are doing. Thats probably what New York does to you. With so many hard working people and competition you kind of have to be willing to learn and open your mind to grow.

Spending time in the states has opened my mind in so many ways. Being from a little country like Norway, with a completly different mind set has been challenging at first. Norwegian mentality is much more close minded, cold and sceptical. In Norway we often feel that Americans can be fake and over the top, but in my opinion that’s kind of the great thing about Americans. In NYC no one judges you, you can be who ever you want to be, dress how you wanna dress and look how you wanna look. For me it has been healthy to force myself out of the comfort zone. To see things from a different angel, have made me much more present and thankful for the little things I used to take for granted when I grew up.

Im back in Norway feeling grateful for everyone I have met on my journey. I have made friends all over USA and memories for life.

I wish you all a great week! I’m beyond excited to drive to South Norway and spend some quality time with my loved ones.

X, Eline S.

Some snaps from my last few weeks in the city.

Snake blouse - Zara - Sunnies - Zero UV
Black Cross back top - Revolve - Ear rings - Amber Sceats - Denim skirt - Levis
All white - t shirt - Rag And Bone - Sneakers - Nike - Bag - Helmer - skirt - Zara - sunnies - Oliver Peoples
Workout - all - J. Lindeberg - Sunnies - Oakley